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    Innovators Meet Here

    Penn Health-Tech connects innovators across the University system and facilitates innovation in medical devices and healthcare technology.

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    Health Tech Accelerator

    Penn Health-Tech helps turn innovative ideas into useful technologies and products that advance healthcare and benefit society.

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    Explore Penn's rich ecosystem of health technology resources and join our community of innovators.


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The Health Tech Accelerator provides funding, hands-on advising, and resources to empower innovators to develop transformative devices and technologies.
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Join our community of innovators from across the university and find out what’s happening in the health tech space. We offer faculty salons, special speaker series, and many other ways to explore the work of change makers in health care and technology.
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Connect with us by visiting our office hours, checking out our resources for innovators, or by submitting to our newsletter. We look forward to talking with you.
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Ask Penn Health-Tech

Penn Health-Tech staff and faculty are available to connect with you 1-on-1. Book an appointment to meet with our team.

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Ready to move forward with your health technology project? Explore Penn’s myriad resources to help you bring your new idea to life.

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Share your Program or Event

The Penn Health-Tech newsletter features news from our center as well as curated events and opportunities from the broader health tech community. Submit details about your health tech program or event and we’ll help you get the word out in our newsletter.