Academic Entrepreneurship for Medical and Health Scientists (Online Book)

This eBook and online community focused on academic entrepreneurship is a collection of short chapters that introduce key concepts within five core translational medicine and innovation topic areas  Go to site


  • Academia - Recommendations for finding funding, mentorship, and other institutional and resource support to smooth career transitions and development
  • Ideation - How to apply a lean startup methodology to research, focus on needs-based development, and design with an eye toward implementation
  • IP & Regulation - Disclosure, patent, and licensing processes, and how to navigate the network of industry regulation that shapes academic entrepreneurial work
  • Finance - Business and strategic planning, grant and seed funding, and equity allocation for academic startups
  • People - Strategies for networking, negotiating, building a team that is diverse in both background and skill, as well as maintaining external partnerships

Edited and sustained by experts from the Penn/CHOP Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics and CHOP’s Innovation Ecosystem team, Academic Entrepreneurship incorporates expertise from across the Penn-CHOP community, and beyond.  As an open-access resource with tools, advice, and best practices, the eBook establishes an informational foundation and cross-disciplinary community for medical and health scientists and those who support and mentor them. 
Consider this eBook for “just-in-time” learning and professional development for employees in academic or bio-medical industry settings, in entrepreneur-support roles, as well as self-directed learning.  Content is also appropriate in for-credit graduate level curricula. 


Figure 1.  Domains of the Academic Entrepreneurship book. Image used with permission. 

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