PCI Ventures

PCI Ventures (PCIV) is a division of PCI specifically focused on creating early-stage businesses founded on Penn technology. Go to site

PCIV prides itself on promoting entrepreneurial activities and new company formation around Penn’s leading research and innovations. PCIV actively seeks entrepreneurs to lead its companies and investors to provide funding for a portfolio of new ventures in development.

PCIV also provides a suite of products and services to support its portfolio as spinouts make their way towards commercial success.

Available Services

Available Resources

  • Addressable market analysis
  • Board-level support
  • Commercialization grant support
  • Company registration
  • Marketing material development
  • Education programs
  • Entrepreneur coaching
  • Executive-level recruitment
  • Fundraising support
  • IP strategy development
  • Legal agreement templates
  • Mentors in residence
  • Preferred vendor relations
  • Strategic partner outreach
  • Weekly office hours
  • Workshops
PCI Ventures
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