Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic

Founded in 1981 with Wharton, Penn Law’s Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic (ELC) provides pro bono transactional legal services to Philadelphia area entrepreneurs and businesses. Go to Site

Through senior law students, the ELC is able to service a limited number of entrepreneurial ventures, from starting to running a business. Due to limited capacity, the. ELC give preference to ventures that impact society and communities in positive ways. Thee ELC does not provide counsel on: litigation, patents, securities, public mergers or acquisitions, international trade, or international non-profits.

Available Services

  • Pre-venture Counseling to Co-founders
  • Entity Selection Counseling
  • Strategizing, Negotiating, Drafting and Reviewing Agreements
  • Employee Management Advice
  • Commercial Real Estate Development Advice
  • Intellectual Property Counseling
  • Non-Profit Advice

Full details on available counseling and services here

Available Resources

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