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A platform technology for low-cost point-of-care nucleic acid diagnostics for use on a variety of human samples with the ability to quantitate target single-stranded DNA or RNA oligomers. The method will be simple to perform and will not require complex amplification procedures such as PCR. The system is intended for use in the developing world where access to more sophisticated testing techniques (e.g., PCR) is limited or non-existent. It would also be possible to develop the same technology for use as a point-of-care testing device for use in the clinic or home. So, there is market potential both in less developed nations, where the purchaser would be a governmental agency or NGO, and in the developed world where the market would be with clinicians and perhaps eventually a home medical care market. 

Proposed Healthcare Solution

Wash-free digital droplet diagnostics on a chip

Development Stage

Licensed to Industry

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David Issadore, PhD

Andrew Tsourkas, PhD


For more information on this technology, please contact Penn Center for Innovation at pciinfo@pci.upenn.edu