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Critically ill and postoperative patients require vigilance in maintaining appropriate ventilation, a task of heightened importance during transport, when monitoring capabilities are inherently limited. Current, commercially available transport ventilators are exorbitantly expensive and/or limited in functionality. Hence, options for transport ventilation include prohibitively expensive multimodal ventilators, functionally limited ventilators, or suboptimal manual (hand) ventilation.

Proposed Healthcare Solution

Cost-efficient and compact novel mechanical ventilator for emergency, transport, and low-resource settings

Development Stage

Prototype Development

Funding Cycle



Jeremy Zuckerberg, MD
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Mohammed Shaik, MD, PhD
Department of General Pediatrics​

Timothy Nelin, MD
Department of Neonatology​

Keith Widmeier, BA, NEP, FP-C, CHSE
Center for Simulation​

Other Notes

Co-sponsored by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


For more information on this technology, please contact Penn Center for Innovation at pciinfo@pci.upenn.edu