The Bio-MakerSpace — Fostering Learning and Innovation Across Many Disciplines

| By Hannah Spector

Educational labs can teach specific laboratory techniques and experimentally demonstrate key theoretical concepts, but this often does not lend itself to design. On the other hand, design labs encourage creativity but are often limited to specific courses, which in turn limits the breadth of resources available.

“We give students the space to learn through experience.”

This is where the George H. Stephenson Foundation Educational Laboratory and Bio-MakerSpace comes in. With over 500 supplies available, the Bio-MakerSpace is open to all Penn students and can accommodate a wide variety of disciplines, such as molecular biology, chemistry work, 3-D printing and laser cutting. There is even a sewing machine. “The wide range of people working together helps to drive creativity. We give students the space to learn through experience,” says Sevile Mannickarottu, Director of the Bioengineering Educational Lab & Bio-MakerSpace.