photo of Mark Yim

Mark Yim, PhD

Faculty Associate Director

Mark Yim, PhD is Faculty Associate Director of Penn Health-Tech and the Asa Whitney Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics at the University of Pennsylvania, with additional appointments as Director of the University of Pennsylvania GRASP Laboratory and the Faculty Director for the Design Studio at Venture Lab at The Wharton School. He obtained a BS in Engineering Mechanics from Johns Hopkins University in 1987 and attended Stanford University where he completed an MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating from Stanford, he joined a startup company (Virtual Technologies) before moving to Xerox PARC, where he obtained a DARPA grant to continue his work in modular reconfigurable robots. Eventually, Dr. Yim made his move from industry to academia, coming to the University of Pennsylvania. 

Dr. Yim is an engineer, inventor, and renowned robotics and innovation expert.  His research focuses on robotics, mechanical systems and design, modular reconfigurable robots and locomotion (Polybot), MEMS and batch fabrication techniques, brute force digital time optimal control, and more.