The Penn Health-Tech Student Advisory Board

The PHT Student Board is the student interface connecting Penn Health-Tech to the student body at Penn. Board members help coordinate and run various PHT events and advocate for interdisciplinary problem-solving approaches to pressing issues in medicine and technology.


Loren Mead

Loren Mead is a fourth year medical student at the Perelman School of Medicine. Loren’s primary research has been in Quality Improvement projects to reduce health care costs and improve patient-centered outcomes. He is interested in Clinical Decision Support Tools and treatment algorithms that help standardize care. Loren hopes to help unite the interests of the various health-care related groups on Penn’s campus to increase access to resources. Outside of healthcare, Loren is a competitive rower, enjoys traveling, and reading both science-fiction novels and historical biographies. 

Kemi Oladuja

Kemi Oladuja is a fourth year student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences studying bioengineering. Kemi is interested in applying engineering technology to healthcare to showcase the fields’ intersections. She is specifically interested in the design of efficient, cost-effective medical devices, as well as looking at how applying different technologies to the flow of care could improve the healthcare system. Outside of healthcare, Kemi enjoys going to concerts, reading Victorian novels, and watching horror movies.

Krishna Suresh

Krishna Suresh is a third year student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences studying Bioengineering. Focused on an interdisciplinary approach to innovation, Krishna is passionate about the intersection between data science, computational biology, and medicine. He hopes to help communicate and endorse the many opportunities that students at Penn have for getting involved in health technology. Outside of health-care, Krishna loves to play tennis, go camping, and watch Netflix.

Raveen Kariyawasam 

Raveen Kariyawasam is a third year student studying Bioengineering, Finance, and OIDD. Having grown up in a nation where access to quality healthcare was restricted to the wealthy, Raveen became interested in bridging this gap with novel technologies and alternative funding sources. He is specifically interested in augmented reality and artificial intelligence based diagnostic tools. Outside of healthcare, Raveen is a digital artist, electronic musician, and photographer.


Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez is a third year student in Wharton and the College of Arts and Sciences studying Finance and Chemistry. His interests center around new product development, translational research, and medical devices within the health-tech space. He hopes to help transform research breakthroughs into new medical devices and cures. Outside of healthcare, he stays active through running, soccer, and fencing.

Michael Furr

Michael Furr is a second year Masters student in bioengineering. Michael is interested in integrating engineering and clinical skill sets to push innovation for medical related start-ups. While working on a start-up, RightAir, Michael developed his thesis around a breath detection algorithm to improve patient’s assistive therapy. Outside of healthcare, Michael enjoys running, hiking, cooking, and brewing his own beer.

Quincy Hendricks

Quicny Hendricks is a second year student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences studying bioengineering. He is focused on studying neuroengineering and computational neuroscience, which represents the intersection of neuroscience and technology. Quincy hopes to help host innovative events for students on campus to learn more about interdisciplinary fields in health-tech. Outside of healthcare, Quincy enjoys playing Frisbee and making smoothies.

Hoyt Gong 

Hoyt Gong is a third year student in the Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management, studying Computational Biology and Economics. As a teenager, Hoyt worked as a nursing assistant, which inspired him to learn about the use of data science and statistics in the current digital economy in advancing healthcare. His interests include digital health, analytics, and the applications of technology to medicine and clinical impact. Outside of healthcare, Hoyt is interested in photography, urban studies, and calisthenics.


Ananyaa Kumar

Ananyaa Kumar is a second year student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences studying bioengineering on the pre-med track. Ananyaa enjoys health-tech research, which she believes is the most innovative research being done today. She hopes to help carry out new initiatives that inspire students to learn more about the intersection of health and technology. Outside of health-care, Ananyaa enjoys spending time with friends, reading, traveling, and photography.

Patrick Lundgren

Patrick Lundgren is a second year PhD candidate in Immunology. He previously graduated with a BA from the University of Cambridge and MSc from the University of Oxford. Patrick is interested in immunology and cell engineering. He hopes to become a leader in bringing discoveries to the forefront of science and engineering to help benefit patients and society. Outside of healthcare, Patrick is involved with both basketball and yoga, and also has a special interest in promoting longevity.

Sam Sharma

Sam Sharma is a second year student in Wharton and the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Health and Societies, Finance, and Business Analytics. After his team turned their grand-prize-winning Rothberg Catalyzer idea into a full fledged business, Sam was inspired to share his experience with others to help them grow their own technologies into viable solutions to clinical problems. Outside of healthcare, Samarth enjoys music, tennis, and is eight hours away from getting his pilot’s license. 

Grace Chung

Grace Chung is a student in the School of Dental Medicine. In the health-tech space, Grace is interested in innovations related to orthodontics, including next-generation intra-oral scanning and new uses for 3D-printing. Grace hopes to help support new ideas pitched by her colleagues and encourage interdisciplinary action across Penn. Outside of health-care, Grace is interested in deep sea fishing, snowboarding, Jeopardy trivia, and “quizzo.”

Sabrina Song

Sabrina Song is a fourth year student in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology. While participating in the Rothberg Catalyzer at Penn, Sabrina was impressed by the interdisciplinary collaboration, and became passionate about connecting students and practitioners to solve unmet healthcare needse. Sabrina is especially interested in improving healthcare delivery and patient access, such as digital health and point of care devices. Outside of healthcare, Sabrina is interested in scuba diving, skiing, traveling, and sci-fi.

Chris Lin

Chris Lin is a fourth year student in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology, studying bioengineering and entrepreneurial management. His interests in rapid prototyping, personalized medicine, and increased healthcare accessibility have inspired Chris to want to support the growth of student-led entrepreneurship in the health-tech space. Outside of healthcare, Chris enjoys cooking and baking with friends while learning about the evolution of different cultural cuisines.