Jacob Brenner, MD, PhD


Dr. Brenner is a serial entrepreneur, having started 3 funded medical device companies, one of which has already achieved FDA approval for a first-in-class device. Dr. Brenner was trained at the number one program in medical device entrepreneurship, Stanford’s Biodesign Fellowship.

At Penn, Dr. Brenner has taught medical entrepreneurship for several years, lecturing at various classes on campus. Since 2017, he is on the Executive Committee of Penn Health-Tech, Penn’s medical device center. In his role on the Penn Health-Tech Executive Comittee, Dr. Brenner organizes symposia, workshops, and grant awards. Additionally, as Penn Health-Tech’s director of education and entrepreneurship, Dr. Brenner helps form teams between Penn clinicians, engineers, and business advisors, and guides them through the process of medical device innovation and entrepreneurship.