Delays happen, but exciting opportunities are coming soon! Penn Health-Tech and the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation will share a new timeline for our annual call for medical device and health technology development projects, known as the Call for Proposals (CFP), in the near future. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, presenting both anticipated and unforeseen challenges. We thank our community of Penn, Penn Medicine and CHOP founders and inventors for your continued support!

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The Penn Center for Health, Devices and Technology, known as Penn Health-Tech, unites interdisciplinary strengths in Medicine, Engineering, and beyond to create transformative technologies that address the world’s pressing healthcare needs.

The Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation facilitates the rapid, disciplined development, testing, and implementation of new strategies to reimagine health care delivery for dramatically better value, patient outcomes, and experience.



Penn Health-Tech and the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation invite faculty from the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to submit proposals for pilot funding. The goal of this funding is to support the development of medical device and health technology projects that address important unmet medical needs and/or the translation of the technology (e.g., commercialization, licensing agreement, start-up formation). Pilot funded projects can include early-stage technologies that do not yet qualify for support by federal agencies through later-stage technologies that are not yet mature enough for private investment. Proposals that cross departments and schools and promote sharing expertise are strongly encouraged.


A special thank you to our additional partners:

Translational Center of Excellence for Gene and Molecular Therapy (NeuroGeneRx Center)

The mission of the NeuroGeneRx Center is to help catalyze the development and clinical implementation of new gene and molecular therapies for disorders of the nervous system.




Pilot funding can be awarded to the University of Pennsylvania faculty and Penn Medicine employees for promising inventions disclosed to Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) as well as existing spinout companies based on Penn-owned intellectual property. Employees of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are also eligible to receive funding for promising inventions and spinout companies. Please note that the team leader or Principal Investigator must be a full-time employee of Penn, Penn Medicine or CHOP. See full Terms, Conditions and Limitations>>



Selected proposals will receive

  • Pilot funding: From $5,000 up to $50,000 with the potential for additional funding based on project progression. (Please note that awards are non-transferable and meant to be spent on research in or directed by Penn or CHOP facilities)
  • Mentorship and project support: mentors and advisors will help you refine your design, build partnerships and work towards achieving proof of concept, product development, and more
  • Access to experts



Funding timeline runs 1 year from the official award date. Requests for a no-cost extension should be made prior to the expiration of an award. No-cost extensions will only be granted for extenuating circumstances. Extensions will not be made for longer than six months. A progress-to-date report including a revised budget will be required.

Funding may be used for, but not limited to, translational and proof-of-concept research, prototype development, matching funds to SBIR/STTR awarded grants, and other types of technology development funding sources.



Proposals will be assessed based on:

Strength of Solution

The proposed solution may be a novel technology or novel utilization of existing technology. The Call for Proposals Project Selection Committee will evaluate the importance of the clinical need, the scientific merit of the solution, project feasibility within a 1-2 year timeframe, and innovation.

Development Plan

Using the milestones and budget submitted, the Call for Proposals Project Selection Committee will evaluate whether the specific aims and overall strategy of your project.

Potential for Commercialization and New IP Creation

Beyond a 1-2 year timeframe, the Call for Proposals Project Selection Committee will evaluate your proposal’s continued development potential, including intellectual property, commercialization, extramural funding, prospects for future capital investment, etc.

Interdisciplinary Focus

The Call for Proposals Project Selection Committee will evaluate the team dynamics and whether the submitted proposal leverages appropriate interdisciplinary strengths and expertise.




Call for Medical Device and Health-Tech Development Projects

Part 1: Application Form

Please fill out the application in its entirety. All materials must be submitted electronically to be considered. Submissions will not be considered if any required field is incomplete, the application is late or cannot be viewed due to technical error, or if the proposal is not an original idea of the submitting participant or team of participants. Multiple proposals may be submitted, but only one application per project may be submitted by each team.

A. Project Information

Please answer all questions.

B. Team Information

You may add up to 5 team members. Each proposal submission should indicate at least one PI or Team Lead, who will be asked to provide a CV/Biosketch.

Part 2: Proposed Budget

Note: no more than 25% of the budget can be used for personnel costs.

i. Personnel
ii. Equipment, Supplies
iii. Contract Services (please provide details)
iv. Other



  1. Create a SurveyMonkey account using your University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine, or Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia email address.
  2. Verify your email address.
  3. Fill out the application in its entirety.


What is the submission period (opening and deadline)?

Applications for the Call for medical device and health-tech development projects will open Tuesday, October 6 at noon. They will close on Monday, December 7 at 5PM.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes. You may submit as many proposals as desired. However, only one project per team lead or Principle Investigator can be selected for each funding cycle. 

Is there a waiting period for reapplying?

No. Applicants may reapply in the next funding cycle.

Does the funding support salary/travel/undergraduates/ post-docs/ research associates/ technicians/ programmers?

PI/faculty salary and graduate tuition are not supported by this pilot funding. Undergraduate students, post-docs, research associates, technicians, and programmers are supported. No more than 25% of the budget can be used for personnel costs. Other allowable costs include supplies, equipment, and travel expenses related to the project.

How long does it take to hear back? How long does the entire process take?

Final application decisions will be communicated in February.

Does the Co-PI have to be at PENN?

No, but the awards will only be given to the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine or CHOP employee. See “Eligibility” for further details.