Article: Invite to Innovation: Penn Health-Tech Bridges Gaps in Medical Device Ecosystem

By Research Communications

How do you turn an idea into an invention, a discovery into a device, or a project into a product that will impact how we care for children and drive innovation? Whether it’s finding funding, partnering with the right team members, or accessing the most effective resources, researchers and entrepreneurs face many barriers before they’re able to bring an idea to the bedside. With the launch of the new Center for Health, Devices, and Technology (Penn Health-Tech), faculty members at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia now have the opportunity to access a main ingredient that helps to break through many of those barriers: connections.

Led by a trio of experts from Penn Engineering, Medicine, and Business, Penn Health-Tech describes itself as a community of “connectors” seeking to unite researchers from CHOP with Penn Medicine and Engineering, leveraging its rich ecosystem of resources and leadership. The ultimate goal is to identify novel innovations or devices and move them through the pipeline of development so that they can be put to use in healthcare settings.

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